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Happy 2016

Just a quick wish for a very Happy New Year to everyone! (I’m sure everybody is New Year’d out today!)

chantal mossess boyajian happy new year
Follow me on #Snapchat: @ChantalBoyajian

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead full of success, happiness, love, health and positivity.

Whether you’ve made resolutions or not, (I personally haven’t aside from work-oriented goals), all I ask is to put out good energy for your self. What goes around, comes around, so put YOU first and keep spreading the good. The world certainly needs more of it!

Meanwhile, if you’re on Snapchat, come find me @ChantalBoyajian (oooh, was that plug!?). In all seriousness though, I had the notion it was more for younger people, but once you get started it hooks you! It’s definitely going to grow bigger and farther, so get yourself on this social media platform and let’s get snapping!

happy new year boyajian trend gallery
Happy New Year from Boyajian Trend Gallery

Now back to my green tea and movie night. Wild, I know.

Have a great weekend!



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