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Crucible Cookware Oven Mitts

Nothing beats home cooked food.

I love food. Love love love food. Especially when it’s been made at home.


Recently I received this oven mitt and pot holder from Crucible Cookware, and so naturally I had to get my bake on to give it the ultimate test… Nothing tests an oven mitt like when you’re baking a red velvet cake. AmIRight?

crucible cookware oven mitt glove chantl boyajian cake baking.JPG

*Confession*, I have baked in the past, but I cheated with Betty Crocker mixes… So this was my first attempt at a red velvet cake and first attempt at baking from scratch.

crucible cookware oven mitt glove review chantal boyajian.JPG

I was so proud of myself as I popped the cake mix in to the oven. I turned around to clean my utensils, and sitting there on the counter was the container with the sugar I’d measured out. Doh!

The icing from this particular recipe was actually pretty sweet I found (and I didn’t even use the full recommended amount of sugar), so it balanced it out.


chantal boyajian red velvet cake crucible cookware oven mitt glove .JPG
What? I wanted it to look homemade… *cough*


Meanwhile, when cooking other foods, I am notorious for burning myself. Especially my wrists and forearms as I remove trays and dishes out of the oven. Even when wearing oven mitts, so I particularly love that these gloves are longer in length covering my forearms (14.7″ in length). This makes it great for when you’re barbecuing outdoors too.

chantal boyajian oven glove giveaway

They are made with a premium, 100% FDA approved, silicone making them ideal for protecting your hand as well as being easy to clean. They are also non-slip and waterproof, so no dropping your oven baked goodies as you remove from the oven (happened to a friend of mine… *cough*).

The inner soft quilted lining makes them nice and comfortable to wear and it feels good. Let’s face it, as practical as silicone is, it’s not the best feeling to wear against your skin.

For more information, head to this link here.



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