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Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

{This post is written by guest blogger Alexis Taylor}

Happy spring!

When I hear spring, my mind automatically thinks “spring cleaning”. While most people take time to clean sweep their houses, it is also a great time to clean sweep social media accounts.

spring cleaning your social media alexis taylor guest blog post

We are all on social media every day, but how often do you take the time to delete expired/irrelevant posts, rearrange content, or even perfect your social media strategy. Now is the perfect time! Here are a few ways you can clean up your social media accounts, so you have the best accounts to follow:

1. Remove Followers You Don’t Actually Engage With Or Are Inactive

To be honest, you probably forgot about these people because you skip right over them in your feed or they haven’t used their in accounts in months, maybe even years. You could take the time to go down your list one by one and figure out who you should delete, or you can use a social media tool like: untweeps or crowdfire to help you out.

2. Organize Your Twitter With Lists

Twitter has this awesome feature where you can create lists for different people you follow: influential people, work friends, family, social media gurus, entrepreneurs. Using this feature is an excellent way to filter through your followers. How does this make your social media strategy easier?

  • List influencers to keep up to date with your industry
  • List people who retweet you, so you can engage with the people who take the time to engage with you
  • List people you chat with often, so you have easy access to their content and don’t need to search through your whole feed to find them on a daily basis
  • List your competitors so you can keep up to date with what they’re doing. Before you say, “I don’t want to follow my competitors!” Don’t worry, you don’t have to. You can put them on a private list without having to follow them and without them knowing. How awesome is that?!
  • List people from events – Met people at a networking event, in a twitter chat, or even a Facebook group. Make a list of all of these people so you can keep track of where you met them and how you know them

3. Update Your Profile

This seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses fail to fill out their social media profiles properly. In today’s tech world – that is almost the equivalent of not fully finishing your resume. To complete your profile you NEED a professional profile photo (a headshot or company logo), a relevant header image, a short bio, your office hours if applicable, and a website.

PRO TIP: For your bio, you only need 2-3 sentences. So instead of copy and pasting your bio from your website, turn it into your elevator pitch. 

4. Stop Being Too Transparent

Showing transparency on social media is a good thing. People love a sneak peak into your day, a behind the scenes look at a latest project, even insight on how you deal with difficult clients. It’s fun to hear about how someone else runs their day and what they are up to, but some people take it way to far. No one wants to hear the play by play of conflicts with clients, directly sharing complaint emails, or just overall information that is way too personal to be sharing with your audience.

Remember you are representing a business and not posting to your personal accounts. Posting negativity reflects poorly on the your company’s reputation. Instead, you want to show that your company embodies positivity. If your business has a problem and you think it is worth sharing because it could help someone out who may be in a similar situation, don’t forget to share the positivity in the situation. Show how the resolution was a good thing and worked out for the best.

5. Delete Off Brand Content

This goes hand in hand with #4. A big part of cleaning is removing things you no longer want. So cleaning your social media is no different. Just like I mentioned above, we’ve all posted a personal photo or a dumb tweet, that at the time we thought was cute or funny. Maybe it still is, but it’s off brand and should be removed. Stumped on what you should delete? Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Am I still friends with the person who posted this?
  • How would I feel if a client came across this?
  • Do these status’ make sense anymore?
  • Old relationships, visibly drunk photos, personal statuses – DELETE!
  • Still part of groups you joined in highschool/college? Use your professional discretion, but a lot of these should be removed

6. Pin With A Purpose

We all know about the never ending hole of inspiration called Pinterest. You have 30 boards created, in no particular order on your page, with 100’s and 1000’s of pins. While this is the purpose of Pinterest, if you’re using it for business you need to clean it up and have a plan, just like every other platform. 

  • The boards that have links back to your website or other social media accounts should be the first boards on your profile
  • Rename your boards with popular/searchable names. Example: FOOD vs. Delicious Grub
  • Organize your boards in order that makes sense. Brand boards, industry related, and trendy boards should be first, then holidays, etc
  • Delete boards that are off brand, random, and don’t have a lot of pins or followers

7. Stop Using Hashtags That Give You No Results

Everyone knows the best way to expose your content on social media is through hashtags. I think we can all agree that some people go over board with the hashtags and aren’t using them properly. Now is the time to condense your hashtags to 10 main tags that you will use, that have proven to give you great results. Anything over that is way to much and serious overkill. Some of my favorites are: 

#creativepreneur: 72,977

#theeverydaygirl: #34,450

#liveauthentic: 9,463,869

#ontheblog: 1,000,362

#flahesofdelight: 1,003,532

We all pride ourselves on having great social media accounts, but sometimes we go overboard on the posting. It is so important to go through your accounts at least once a year (preferably every 6 months) and clean out unwanted posts. Your business will evolve over time, you have to make sure your social media accounts are following in its footsteps. So spend an hour or two making a few changes and watch the positive impact it will have on your accounts and your business. Good luck!

alexis taylorAlexis is the co-founder and Digital Marketing Strategist of TwinFin Media.

She also has her own blog where she blogs about being an entrepreneur, digital marketing, and design. When she’s not working she is almost always at the beach or hopping on a plane to her next adventure. 

Twitter: @aalexistaylor8 | Instagram: @alexistaylor8 | Pinterest: @aalexistaylor


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